A Carbon Dioxide Monitor Can Protect Your Health

A Carbon Dioxide Monitor Can Protect Your Health

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Many Households across the world with a gas heating source fail to realise the real danger carbon dioxide can pose to health. A carbon dioxide monitor can help to protect against potentially deadly carbon dioxide emissions in a number of different applications from homes to commercial premises. Through this article the risks carbon dioxide can pose to health will be discussed as well as the solutions that can be incorporated. In addition to this other health and safety risks will be identified and solutions suggested.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that is present in the earths atmosphere. It forms part of the air we breathe combined with oxygen and nitrogen. In higher concentrations carbon dioxide can be deadly to humans. What makes it even more dangerous is that it has no odour and is therefore typically very hard to detect. In order to prevent this hazard a carbon dioxide monitor can be used to monitor carbon dioxide levels to ensure people are safe. Carbon dioxide can be found from a number of different sources. Some of the biggest producers are cars, industrial plants, machinery and landfills. In order to prevent serious injury or death many of these facilities have a carbon dioxide sensor.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor

So what exactly is a carbon dioxide sensor? this is a device which is used to measure carbon dioxide levels within a certain range in the air. They are often installed on commercial premises and come in a number of different shapes and sizes depending on where and how they are being used. It is not uncommon for monitors to last several years within minimal maintenance.


Other Health And Safety Measures To Take

As well as the use of a carbon dioxide sensor there are several other safety measures that companies can take to ensure safety within their workplace/premises. One such requirement is having a fire escape plan in place. This is normally required for larger buildings and is a plan detailing who is responsible for the evacuation of the building as well as the muster point for all staff and visitors outside of the building. Failure to have such plans in place can lead to mass casualty disasters and would be catastrophic.

How Are Governments Tackling Air Pollution

Around the world governments are trialing different methods in order to decrease air pollution and increase vitality. In London a low emission zone or LEZ has already been established. This zone charges a fee to vehicles that pass through it that produce a certain level of emissions. The idea behind this is that it will reduce overall are pollution and harmful emissions in central London. Similar schemes are being considered in cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and in other countries where air pollution is at life threatening levels.

Overall Findings

To conclude it appears carbon dioxide monitors can have a significantly positive effect as they can warn people of harmful C02 levels. They should be considered for domestic properties as well as industrial premises as Co2 is present in a wide number of places.