Self Care Tips For Working From Home During the Pandemic

Self Care Tips For Working From Home During the Pandemic

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Working from home is an excellent way to save time on commuting costs, have greater scheduling flexibility, and reduce expenses – however it may also make setting boundaries between work and personal life more challenging.

Self care may seem like an indulgence – think mud masks, long baths and goblets of wine — but it can also take the form of simple acts like getting dressed each morning or eating healthy meals – these actions can have an enormously positive effect on how we feel while working from home.

1. Get Out of Your Pajamas and Into Clothes

As someone working from home during a pandemic, it may be tempting to assume that just because you don’t need to commute anymore it’s acceptable for you to continue wearing loungewear all day – however, it is essential that you carefully consider your habits to ensure they serve your best interests.

Comfort is certainly key when working from home, but dressing appropriately for your work and feeling more productive are also equally as essential. Staying focused when wearing something too loose or uncomfortable is harder; wearing clothes that allow movement such as yoga pants with fitted top or loose fleece blanket is helpful too if taking walks during lunch break time or working out can also be easier.

As soon as your workday ends, it is also essential that you log off of your computer and refrain from checking emails to signal that it is time for restful sleep and prepare yourself to return to your routine the following day. This can help ensure an improved night’s rest while giving you time to rest up before heading back into work mode the following morning.

2. Take a Bath or Shower

Self-care doesn’t need to be limited to luxurious indulgences like facial masks and long baths; in reality, self-care comes in all shapes and forms. The key is finding activities that leave you feeling relaxed, energized and refreshed; if one activity doesn’t produce this result then perhaps something else should be tried instead.

Many people find it helpful to begin their day with a shower or bath, which not only gives your hair and body time to prepare, but also signals to your brain that it’s time to focus.

One way to ease your transition back into work is having a designated workspace, even if it means taking over part of your kitchen table. Doing this will create a clear separation between areas used for work and relaxation; declutter your working area so it doesn’t become chaotic (This Is Calmer has great advice on doing so).

3. Eat a Healthy Meal

Working from home can be an unfamiliar and unfamiliar experience, especially when combined with pandemic, school closures, no gym time available to you, new work procedures and limited social events. You could easily become overwhelmed by this new reality!

Diet is an integral component of working from home, and one of the biggest challenges remote workers face when snacking on unhealthy food from within reach of their fridge. One way to combat this problem is by stocking your pantry and fridge with nutritious but non-appetizing alternatives such as fruit and veg that will still fill you up without being overly tempting.

One key part of self-care when working from home is creating and maintaining clear boundaries between work and your personal life. That means logging off your computer at the end of each day, resisting the urge to check emails at bedtime or before rising in the morning, and keeping a regular end-of-day ritual such as showering, dressing up or exercising as part of an end of day routine – or downloading an app that reminds you when it’s time for breaks throughout your workday.

4. Exercise

Exercise can help maintain energy levels and help keep you focused throughout the day, especially if working from home is due to coronavirus pandemic. Consider engaging in group workouts with friends or signing up for virtual workout classes such as yoga or dance studio online if possible. Also try having a separate work space away from everyone else so you can train yourself to differentiate between work and play activities.

Working from home makes it all too easy to let work hours drift into the evening, so set yourself up with a clear schedule that you post around the house so your roommates know when not to interrupt you. Take regular breaks and eat meals on an established timeline as this will help keep you energized throughout your work session.

People often think of self-care in terms of facial masks and hot baths; however, it is important to remember that both mind and body need care too! By following these tips you can start to reclaim your work from home life and get back into a routine that works for you.

5. Take a Break

Working from home can make it challenging to distinguish between working and relaxing, making it all too easy to fall into the habit of munching away while answering work emails well into the evening or taking long phone calls from colleagues. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout and decreased productivity.

One of the best self care tips for working from home is adding structure to your day, advises Dalton. This means having a set starting and end time and taking regular breaks throughout your workday; this can make you more productive as well as help if there are children at home who require feeding or entertainment during school closures.

Experts advise getting some movement during your break, such as taking a walk around the block or going for a quick jog. In addition, experts suggest limiting screen time during breaks by not checking email on your phone and reading engaging articles or watching funny videos online for short periods of time instead.