5 Tips for First Time Gym Goers

5 Tips for First Time Gym Goers

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The start of a new year always means one thing. A busy gym full of new faces ready and eager to make good on their new year’s resolution. Whether it’s the first-timers or those that have let their membership slip over the years, the start of the year is the opportunity for a fresh start. The gym can be a daunting place for the first time gym goers but today we have a look at 5 useful tips to help those who are new to the world of fitness.

Let the Experts Help

One of the most important things which any first timer gym goer should make sure they do is to get a gym induction. An induction is usually performed by a member of staff who is knowledgeable on all aspects of the gym. From functionality to safety, a gym induction will put you on the right path in the world of fitness. Once you are familiar with all the machines and equipment you are ready to go.

Plan Your Workout

Whether you are a first-time gym goer or a seasoned veteran, planning your workout is a valuable way to get the most out of your routine. Some bring a pen and paper, others keep a log on their phone, the choice is yours and down to what suits you best. To make sure you make the most of your time in the gym, jot down notes on anything related to your workout. From the number of reps to which muscle groups you want to work, logging your routine is a great way of staying organized in the gym. If you struggle to stick to a fitness plan on your own, you could invest in an online personal training programme.

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Bring a Friend

Bringing a friend to the gym is a popular option with first-time gym goers and with good reason. Going it alone may not appeal to you and bringing along a friend could be the right source of confidence you need. They can also act as motivation as you both drive each other on to stay disciplined and achieve the best results possible. Having a gym buddy has many benefits and if it helps you progress in the gym then it may be something to consider.

Set a Goal

Working towards a goal or target is a great way of keeping yourself motivated in the gym. The goal doesn’t have to be to break any world records, just something that is achievable to you. This could take the form of beating a previous time on the treadmill, beating a personal best on the weights or even a weight loss goal. It is all dependant on what you want to get out of the gym can be a massive factor in keeping you focused on achieving your targets.

Keep at it

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Greatness isn’t achieved overnight. The clichés all point to one thing. Anything worth achieving is not going to be easy and will take time. By all means be driven, focused, committed, devoted and dedicated. But most of all be patient. One of the most important things about progressing at the gym is staying disciplined to making a change. If you put in the hard work, time and effort, over time you will see results.

And that first-timers, is the beauty of the gym. Make sure you are turning up each day, this will help you better yourself. Sticking to it will help you reap the rewards.