Heating Grants in Scotland Through Energy Savings Trust

Heating Grants in Scotland Through Energy Savings Trust


(Interest-Free Loan Available For Up To £10,000 From Scottish Government)

The following are some of the offered loans and heating grants in Scotland through the Energy Savings Trust.

Home Energy Scotland Renewables Loan

The Scottish Government funds this loan and it’s available for entities looking to install a system including:

Renewable systems – it provides funding up to 75% of the total cost of a renewable system; an amount of £10,000.

District heating scheme connections – the provision caters 100% for the cost of a district heating connection; an amount of up to £5,000.

For this loan, the amount borrowed and the repayment duration depends on the technology being installed.

 HEEPS Area-Based Schemes

The HEEPS loan is awarded to councils to consolidate and manage fuel poverty initiatives. This entails bolstering solid wall insulation in areas where fuel poverty levels are wanting.

As area based schemes, councils partner with relevant stakeholders to provide large-scale efficiency while targeting fuel poverty reduction and emission savings.

HEEPS: Warmer Homes Scotland

This national scheme was launched in September 2015. It has an annual pooling capacity of £16 million per year, which can stretch up to seven years. It targets needy private sector households including tenants or owner-occupiers.

The resources are channelled towards insulation and heating measures to cushion the Scottish housing sector from high fuel bills. It offers Microgeneration options to diversify energy sources, especially for off-gas homes.

This initiative is managed by Warmworks Scotland regionally to provide equal service to all.

Home Energy Scotland Loan

With the home energy Scotland loan, each home is eligible for funding to the tune of £32,500. Owner occupiers and qualified but registered landlords in Scotland can benefit. This caters to a variety of energy efficiency improvements, which offer £17,500 for home renewables systems connected to an approved district heating scheme powered by a renewable technology.

Before applying for a Home Energy Scotland loan, you need to consider additional factors including:

  • The installing authority and the system need to have approval and certification from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).
  • An accredited energy efficiency level is needed from the system being installed.
  • A green deal assessment should be carried out on the property on which the system is to be installed, and the report should be attached to the claim. This loan is offered on a first come first served basis but depending on fund availability.
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Heeps: Gas Infill Loan Scheme

The HEEPS Infill loan was substituted by the Home Energy Scotland loan scheme in May 2017. However, loans are open to application to help owner-occupiers and private sector landlords to connect to the main gas grid. For additional info, you can contact the Home Energy Scotland to check whether there are other loans under this option.

Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loans

The Resource Efficient Scotland SME loans offer interest-free loans to help private landlords to enhance energy efficiency of their buildings. Some loans will help landlords install renewable energy technologies.

 Other Energy Efficiency Schemes for Private Landlords

Private landlords can qualify for some loan offers. These are geared towards energy efficiency, and queries can be made via 0808 808 2282 in Scotland. Additional details can be found by checking out the Energy Saving Trust Scotland website.

 The Help to Heat Scheme

If your home is not connected to a main gas grid, the help to heat scheme can provide heating grants Scotland towards this cause. This was previously known as the Assisted Connections scheme. Also, there is a Home Energy Scotland loan to help applicants get connected to the main supply network.

Local Energy Scotland

Local Energy Scotland assists communities to identify and secure funding or heating grants Scotland to help them establish renewable energy Local community energy initiatives. Apart from managing the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme, local energy Scotland advices remote establishment on cost-effective strategies of developing locally based renewable technologies.

The Climate Challenge Fund: Heating Grants Scotland

The Climate Challenge Fund encourages local Scottish communities to cut emissions by offering heating grants in Scotland towards this endeavour. You can get a grant if you are part of a community initiative or group. You can find more info via their website. Keep Scotland Beautiful manages this fund.

If you wish to get additional information on heating Grants in Scotland through Energy Savings Trust, you can check out Home Energy Scotland portal. You will get access to local and national funding whether you are a small household, community group, a company or a public interest entity.