Simple and Healthy Snacks for Work

Simple and Healthy Snacks for Work

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Choosing healthy snacks to eat at work is often difficult, but it is possible. There are a few simple tips to make it easier. For starters, always choose the foods that contain the least amount of sugar and fat. Try to limit your snack intake and eat only those items that have the least amount of calories. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always buy a bag of mixed nuts and a pack of almonds.


You can buy some very healthy snacks to eat at work and keep them in your desk drawer. You can pair them with fruit or cheese to create a delicious snack. Other snacks that you can buy are crackers and tuna. Tuna is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids and is easy to pack in a pouch for quick and easy snacking. A healthier alternative to potato chips is vegetable chips.


Dried fruit is an excellent snack to bring to your desk. A quarter cup of dried fruit is a good serving size. If you’re concerned about the sugar content, you can purchase dried fruit with no added sugar. It is best to buy fruit that is free of preservatives.

Healthy snacks are not only good for your health, but they also prevent you from feeling over-hungry and impulsive when it comes to eating. Eating too much at a single sitting can lead to overeating and delayed feelings of satisfaction. A healthy snack is a balanced combination of protein, fat and fibre-filled carbohydrate. By incorporating these two types of foods into your diet, you’ll be able to avoid pantry raids and sleepiness at the office.