The Health Benefits Of Watersports

The Health Benefits Of Watersports


Watersports are sometimes perceived as a wild and often dangerous pursuit. But with the right equipment training and conditions they can greatly improve your physical and mental health. Many across the globe have realized the benefits of water and watersports. However many are reluctant due to fear of water or being bad at the sport.


Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. However in some countries it is not a skill that is passed on without passing hands. In the US for example schoolkids from more impoverished backgrounds are less likely to be able to swim than those from higher income families. Additionally leisure centres are a lot rarer and pools tend to be owned by sports clubs and private organizations. This contrasts to the UK where schoolkids can go on trips to receive swimming lessons as well as go to public swimming pools at leisure centres. Typically these are a lot more affordable than pools in the US. Swimming itself has been around for centuries and enjoyed as a recreational activity for many years.

Swimming can help to improve overall cardiovascular fitness levels as well as mental well being as it relaxes the mind. Having said this swimming can be hazardous especially for beginners and so it is advisable only to do so in an pool with lifeguards and appropriate instruction or lessons.



Surfing is a growing sport that has its roots and origins from ancient aboriginal tribes from pacific islands. They used to ride waves on hollowed out tree trunks and eventually surfing was born. Surfing has always had a stigma attached to it of young rebellious individuals that don’t have real careers or positions in society. However this could not be further from the truth. Surfing is a sport becoming popular with everyone in society from all ages kids as young as four up to ages over seventy. No one is judged on status or job title when they are in the water as everyone is focused on getting the perfect wave. The health benefits of surfing are numerous and it is a demanding and tough sport which requires discipline and practice.

There has been several studies that have shown that surfing can have a very therapeutic effect on the mind thus easing the burden of mental health problems or issues. Soldiers with PTSD, Physically disabled and people with mental illnesses have been among those in society who have been introduced to surfing by charities. All of which have reported positive results from the trips. As with swimming surfing is arguably even more hazardous as the seas currents and rip currents can be deadly to those not aware of the dangers. Its essential that new surfers only go on lessons with professionals and do not venture out by themselves.

Overall it can be concluded that the health benefits of both surfing and swimming can be highly beneficial and should be considered by anyone looking to try a new sport to keep fit.