Thursday Thoughts: Top Things to do in Glasgow This January

Thursday Thoughts: Top Things to do in Glasgow This January


For those who suffer from the January Blues, this year must be hitting hard as temperatures in Glasgow fail to rise above 6 degrees, with the last few days seeing as low as -6! Today an icy fog cloaked the city, locking in the freeze while creating an eerie and treacherous landscape for people travelling to work in the early hours of the morning. The end of the first week back to work (for some lucky people) is finally drawing to a close and although the weekend represents freedom, relaxation and opportunity to socialize most people are struggling with coming up with things to do. This is especially relevant for the people partaking in “Dry January” or those who, like myself, don’t quite feel like having another drink just yet. Below is a list of some interesting things you can do with friends or alone in Glasgow this January.

Big Feed Street Food Social

The Big Feed Street Food Social is Glasgow’s indoor, fully licensed street food market. Doors open at midday and don’t close until 10pm Saturday, and 7pm on Sunday, meaning it’s a great place to kill a few hours of your day. It’s indoors meaning you are protected from the harsh weather, plus there’s alcohol! So you can heat yourself up with a beverage of your choice from a choice selection of beers and spirits. The entry fee is a mere £2 (children under 10 go free) so anyone with a wallet still suffering from the festive splurge can afford to check it out. There’s free parking and plenty of accessible transport links.


Glasgow’s Farmers Market at Mansfield Park

This event is great for those who have started the typical January health kick. There are over 40 stalls with plenty of fresh and organic produce to peruse and choose from. You are bound to find something that peaks your interest.

GoMA Guided Tours

GoMA is Scotland’s most visited modern art gallery displaying work that highlights interests and influences of methods of international artist. Glasgow is known for its artistic communities and those who study art in the city, GoMA features inspiration and influence for Glasgow artists as well. This guided tour is a free event. Check the website for booking information.

Glasgow Central Station Tours

Central Station is Glasgow’s largest of two main line railway terminals. It was opened in 1879 and therefore is steeped in history, amazing architecture, leads to incredible underground tunnels and has an impressive glass roof with 48000 panes of glass. This tour is great for even native Glaswegians as you get to see all the hidden, ancient places and learn about how the station has changed over the years as well as the people who once worked there and used the trains in days gone by.