Top 5 Foods That are Surprisingly Healthy

Top 5 Foods That are Surprisingly Healthy

chicken wings

When it comes to working out and eating healthy we all know that the diet side of things can be a strain. Staying disciplined and committed to your chicken, veg and brown rice every day can become disheartening to the best of us and when your cheat meal is 6 days away the whole idea of eating right can be a struggle. We are oh so frequently reminded that you can’t out-train a bad diet, but there may be a few surprising loopholes that have gone unnoticed all this time. The diet of an athlete is a necessary evil with not much wiggle room. Until now that is. If you do want to treat yourself, have a look at a few surprisingly healthy foods that if enjoyed in moderation, could brighten up your day.

Dark Chocolate

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory may have been on to something here. Most of us enjoy a chocolate square or two and the good news is, it’s not as bad for us as we first thought. While over indulging in chocolate isn’t the best idea, dark chocolate does appear to have antioxidant effects. It can also lower blood pressure, improve vascular function, and in general be a source of comfort which can now find its way into your diet. Don’t go over the top, though. Moderation is the key.

Red Wine

One of the most debated topics when leading a life of health and fitness is whether or not you should be allowed alcohol or whether it ruins your strict diet and puts all your hard work to waste. Enjoying copious amounts of beer isn’t something that we would advise when trying to keep in shape but there are a few alcoholic beverages that could be a health benefit.  A glass or two of red wine guards against heart disease, thanks to antioxidants. On top of that, science has shown that abstaining from alcohol, in general, can actually lead to a shorter lifespan. Good news all round then.

Chicken Wings

Almost any fitness diet that includes meat will include chicken in one form or another. It usually comes on its own without any sauces and is accompanied by, equally as dry, rice. There is a source of chicken out there that is a little more appetizing and could be a treat if enjoyed every so often. First things first, chicken is already a great source of protein. Chicken wings are a great way of getting your protein in and aren’t half tasty into the bargain. Throw some wings on the grill, maybe remove the skins if you want the healthiest option, though, and enjoy.


When it comes to snacking on a diet, the choices can be pretty bleak. Sure, nutritionists will tell you that a bowl of almonds are a great healthy snack but let’s be honest, nobody has ever sat down in front of their favourite film and indulged in a packet of dried nuts and lived to tell the tale. There is an alternative though and comes in the shape of Popcorn. With 3.5g of fibre, popcorn can be beneficial to your diet and a snack that everyone can enjoy.


Surely not you ask? Cheese is a healthy food? Apparently so. Quality Cheese this is grass fed and organic offers a healthy dose of vitamins and omega-3 fats. Do enjoy in moderation, though. The eagle-eyed viewers amongst you will have noticed that both wine and cheese are both on the list so don’t waste any more time and invite your gym friends round for a bottle of red and a cheeseboard and do so in the confidence that it’s all above board and a great way to brighten up your diet.