What to Consider When Booking your Intensive Driving Course Glasgow

What to Consider When Booking your Intensive Driving Course Glasgow

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When it comes to booking the driving tests you need to complete a series of driving lessons. Choosing the right driving instructor can be a challenge as well as choose the right intensive driving course Glasgow. Glasgow has many options for driving instructors and companies, but what should you consider before booking your intensive driving course Glasgow.

Intensive Driving Course Glasgow Considerations

1.      How long have they been teaching people to drive?

It isn’t rude to ask your potential instructor how long they have been teaching driving for. Instructors prefer if their students are well informed and serious about their lessons. This also gives you a chance to see whether you prefer an instructor with a large amount of experience or someone who is fairly new as their approach may be more calming and fresh.

2.      What is the instructors Pass Rate?

There is no point in searching for an instructor with a 100% pass rate as this rarely exists. You do want to find an instructor who knows their pass rate off-hand and is proud to talk about their pass rate. You will find many websites showcase their pass rate for each instructor alongside their testimonials from previous students which is an ideal way to pick your driving company Glasgow.


3.      Cheap is not better.

When it comes to choosing a driving instructor for your intensive driving course Glasgow most companies will have a variety of deals on their block lessons, intensive courses and other types of lessons. It is important to remember that a driving instructor who doesn’t haggle over their prices is usually in high demand and will have a list of students ready to pay the proposed price. If the prices are fairly high as well as their pass rate it is likely they are a good instructor to go with and the cost is worth it.

4.      Teaching methods.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking to book lessons with a driving company Glasgow is whether the driving instructor’s methods are in line with the best ways for you to learn. If you prefer a regimented approach where your lessons are dictated step by step or if you prefer a partnership or collaborative approach it is important to ensure you know the specifics of your instructor’s teaching methods so the whole process is a lot easier. This will be the deciding factor in looking forward to your lessons or dreading them.