Where to Buy Pump Trucks

Where to Buy Pump Trucks

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Pump trucks are a piece of equipment that are a necessity in any workplace that involves moving pallets. These hand operated forklifts allow for the ability to move pallets around a warehouse or work yard. Any company – whether it is a small business or multinational – that uses pallets will need at least one of these devices. Finding the right place to purchase one can be tricky, you want to find a company that is reliable, offers good quality and can get your equipment out to you quickly. LLM Handling is a company that offers all of these things, here is why you should choose them for your heavy lifting equipment needs:

1.      Their Catalogue Goes Way beyond Pump Trucks

From hand operated pump trucks to large electric ones, no matter your lifting needs they will have equipment for you. Their product range – however – goes way beyond just this equipment. They also have:

  • Trolleys
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Pallet stackers
  • Hydraulic tables
  • Shelving units
  • Warehouse steps
  • Workbenches

This large product range means that you don’t find yourself going to a number of different places for your warehouse equipment needs. They are all under one roof at LLM Handling. They have a number of different products in each section ranging from standard equipment to more expensive stock that is of the highest quality. If you are shopping around, a high lift pallet truck could be the better option for you. This device offers you an adjustable stable platform for loading and unloading.


2.      High Quality Customer Service

When you are buying from a company one of the biggest considerations is how they will treat you as a customer. When you are buying expensive equipment you want to ensure that the company you are buying it from will treat you well. LLM Handling takes care of their customers. They offer free UK shipping on all their purchases as well as highly trained, knowledgeable staff that will make sure that you are making the right purchase for your needs.

3.      Manufactured in the UK

All the products that LLM has on offer have been designed and manufactured right here in the United Kingdom. This ensures that they oversee all stages of their products life. This means that you know exactly what you are getting when you make a purchase. All products are tested at LLM and are held to the highest of industry standard. Every single product is brand new when it is sold you know that you are getting quality.

4.      People in the Industry Love Them

With a customer base that includes highly respected companies such as BP, Etihad Airways and British Red Cross. This shows just how highly regarded they are in the industry. They have received excellent reviews with companies like Babcock, CD Surveys and Threestone Chambers. All these reviews have the same thing in common: that LLM is a reliable company that provides products that are of a high quality.